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Richard Mille Replica Watches

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Monochrome Richard Mille Replica Watches recently had the chance to meet Fabien Lemarche, Richard Mille Replica Watches founder of Julien Coudray1518. This brand is still relatively new in ultra-high-end watchmaking. Their story started in 2007. Haute Horlogerie is able to incorporate some unique features such as movement made entirely from the same metal as Richard Mille Replica Watches the case (yellow or pink gold, white gold, or platinum). We'll be sharing three parts about the people who make these timepieces. You might think that's enough. We are not so sure. We were able to witness the "birth" a brand new watch.Before Julien Coudray 1518 was created, Fabien had a variety of jobs in watch production. He was a process manager for Breguet, Roger Richard Mille Replica Watches Dubuis's product Director, and Zenith’s head of the prototype section. Fabien doesn't work in a hurry. His creations and methods are his reflection. He is raw, but honest and respectful of traditions. Before he started his manufacture, his goal was to master every aspect of watch construction so that he could Richard Mille Replica Watches create an independent manufacturer, which would be built around 40 experts in everything from engraving to polishing. Julien Coudray 1518 is one of the few manufactures that can produce 98% or more of its watches' parts.Richard Mille Replica Watches

Julien Rolex Replica Watches Coudray 1518 was named in honor of Julien Coudray, a French watchmaker who created "portable" watches movements that were Richard Mille Replica Watches integrated into the handle with daggers in 1518. The brand's approach is to reproduce the idea and the manufacturing process, but not to copy Coudray's 16th century Richard Mille Replica Watches models. Watchmakers were required to create new processes, tools, and skills in those days. Fabien lamarche hopes to continue on that path.Fabien lamarche's manufacturing processes and creation process are influenced by the ideas of Richard Mille Replica Watches tradition and tribute.When we create a watch, we envision it as something that can be passed down to our descendants. This is to have something unalterable and pure. We use only pure materials that have not been treated with any chemicals, Richard Mille Replica Watches like gold, titanium or platinum, and no enamel. We use no paint or steel, and nothing that could be damaged over time.Richard Mille Replica Watches

The Richard Mille Replica timepieces that come out of the manufacturer are mostly made Richard Mille Replica Watches from precious and pure materials. A platinum watch will have an automatic movement made of platinum, Richard Mille Replica Watches while dials made of solid or enamelled gold might be available. Julien will tell you if you notice coloured metals on his watches. It is always made from heated gold and titanium, and never from lacquer. Grand Feu enamel is used to Richard Mille Replica Watches produce every other colour, including the numerals or inscriptions on the dials.Fabien can be as reverent about traditions as he likes, but Fabien doesn't consider himself a man of the past. Innovation is also a part of his creations. You can locate a service indicator at 12 on the dial. It is represented by a turning disc or a droplet. Fabien also shared with us one of his Richard Mille Replica Watches innovations that has what we can refer to as "the cool factor". As we were discussing precision, he showed us how they will soon adjust the movements. He will not imagine a 6- or 5-position adjustment.Richard Mille Replica Watches

Julien Coudray 1518 has also been working on an interesting watch-Richard Mille Replica Watches box. It is more than a travel or storage case. The box can also be used to adjust the time or set the time based on your time zone. It can also wind the movement by acting on the crown. Although it is still in the prototype stage, we are excited to see that it is being built.We've already introduced you to Fabien and Richard Mille Replica Watches his philosophy when it comes to creating timepieces. Now it's time to dive deeper and share our opinions on the entire collection. Let's just say that we have witnessed exceptional quality standards and serious expertise. We Richard Mille Replica Watches will be introducing you to three watches that are all based on a single spirit, but each with a different interpretation.Julien Coudray 1518's collection consists of three models. A classic 39mm three-hands is called Manufactura 15028, a Classica 1548 small seconds watch and Competentia 1515 a 43mm tourbillon. They all share the same case design, with a classic Richard Mille Replica Watches approach that is very similar to pocket watches. It has a round shape with dovetail-adjustable lugs and fluted edges. It's the absolute in classism but not boring.Richard Mille Replica Watches